Pardeep Parhar

Pardeep Parhar

Strategy Director

Pardeep Parhar is a Strategic/Business Development Consultant. After working as a subsurface engineer in the oil and gas industry, Pardeep pivoted to a career in business development and strategy. He has spent the last five years working to find the best value with respect to potential projects, acquisitions, along with formulating asset and property valuations. Pardeep has a deep understanding of economic valuations and project management/execution.

Pardeep completed a Bachelor’s of Science in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Alberta.

Pardeep began working with the Alberta Kinesiology Association in a Director role in May of 2021. In his role, Pardeep will draw from his diverse working history to help the AKA grow and become a professional and regulated association to guide current and future members as they enter the work world, while ensuring sustainable growth and reach within the Kinesiology community.

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