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Kinesiology Advocates - Willkin

Willkin is seeking five (5) kinesiologists from each province across the country to be advocates for Willkin. Advocates will provide feedback to Willkin as the organization develops ideas, tools, and programs.  These kinesiologists will be offered a complimentary eXpand Learning course on COPD and a platform to author blogs and gain visibility. 


Willkin is looking for enthusiastic individuals who are passionate about enhancing the impact of Kinesiologists. Willkin was created by Rebecca (Becky) Zucco, with the purpose of elevating the value of accredited kinesiologists within healthcare, providing them with tools, information and connections to clients to improve lives. 


To find out more about this opportunity:

Click here to download detailed PDF

Click here to view the Willkin Website


If you are interested in following up on this opportunity, please contact Becky Zucco at: