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Professional Kinesiologist & Non-Practicing Member Application


In order to be considered for a membership as a Professional Kinesiologist with the Alberta Kinesiology Association, applicants must have completed a minimum of an undergraduate degree in exercise science (BSc Kin, BPE, etc) from a Canadian AKA recognized tertiary education institution. For international applicants, please see information at the bottom for further details.  Benefits of membership can be found here. 

Note: For a course to be included, you must have received a grade equal to or greater than a C- or (55%).



Membership: $225 regular (pro-rated quarterly) & $275 for late renewals.

Application fee: $50



Applications must include PDF format of the following:

  • Official transcripts of all institutions in consideration are to be sent directly from the post-secondary institution to the AKA via:
    • Email: 
    • Mail: P.O. Box 4358, Edmonton, AB, T6E 4T3
  • Scanned copy of your official degree - program completion letter can be accepted if prior to convocation date.
  • Course Requirement Checklist (PDF Download) - Must be typed and completed. If courses from multiple institutions are used to meet requirements, please indicate which institutions each course is from.


For further information, please check the "Requirements for Kinesiologist" page (found under FOR APPLICANTS tab) for Basic Requirements: Education and Continuing Professional Education. In addition, please view our Core Course Descriptions for details on content covered. 


The processing time for New Applications is 7-10 business days under normal circumstances - Due to COVID-19 expect a response within 15-20 business days for applications dated April 30, 2020 or later.


Please note the $50.00 Application Processing Fee is non-refundable.


Non-Practicing AKA Membership

Successful Professional Kinesiologists applicants have the option to register as a Non-Practicing AKA Member. Individuals are entitled to become a Non-Practicing AKA Member if they:

  • Have applied and meets our membership requirements to become a Professional Kinesiologist, 
  • Are not employed or engaged in the practice of kinesiology in Alberta as defined by our Scope of Practice and thus does not require professional liability insurance,
  • Were formerly a Practicing Member or successfully applied and meets the requirements to become a Professional Kinesiologist (see above) - once your application is accepted you will be given the option to register under this membership stream,
  • Does not currently practice and has no intention of practicing for the duration of the year, and
  • Is in good professional standing with no past or pending legal allegations.

*Non-practicing membership is not intended for applicants who are looking for work, have yet to find a job or are between jobs. This category is for extended leaves from the profession and for individuals who have assumed a management role and are no longer directly involved in client care or clinical treatment decision making related to Kinesiology.  Benefits of membership can be found here. 



Mature Applicants

Those who graduated greater than 5 years ago require the following in their application:

  • Proof of 50 Professional Development Credits (PDCs) within the last 5 years, and 1 of the 2 options:
  1. Apply following normal processes outlined above; OR
  2. Provide proof of 1000+ hours worked within one year under one company (ex: tax return) AND 2 Professional  letters of reference outlining work performed and length of employment totaling to a minimum of 10 years of relevant experience.


Mature applicants are required to pay $100 total for their application fee, as this will be a much more timely process to review. In order to apply as a mature student, please do the following:


1) E-transfer $50 (CAD):

2) In your e-transfer, please add note: Mature Student Application Fee. 

NOTE: Once your e-transfer has been sent, a confirmation email will be sent within 2-3 business days.

3) Complete application process as normal (click "Apply Now" below), where you will be prompted to pay the remaining $50 fee through our website provider.

Expired memberships beyond January 31 of the given renewal year, you must reactivate your membership by sending proof of previous membership and 10 PDCs for each year expired (ex: 1.5 years = 15 PDCs). Once proof of previous membership and PDCs is provided, you must pay a reactivation fee in order to regain access to renewing your Professional Kinesiologist membership. If you have been expired for 5 years or greater, you must reapply as a Mature applicant - see Apply page for details. These measures were implemented as a means to prevent kinesiologists from practicing without an active membership status and null and void insurance.


In order to reactivate your membership please:

1) Email proof of previous membership to

2) E-transfer $100 (CAD):

3) In your e-transfer, please add note: Reactivate expired membership

NOTE: Once your e-transfer has been sent, a confirmation email will be sent within 2-3 business days.

International Applicants

All documents must be in English, for those that are not, you must have them professionally translated. In addition, all academic records (high school and post-secondary) must undergo an " Educational - Tier 2" - International Qualification Assessment (IQAS) through the Alberta Government in order to determine how your credits and credit hours translate. Although not preferred, WES assessments are also accepted. The purpose of this assessment is to determine the equivalency of your degree with respect to Canadian academia. Cost for this assessment is $100 CAD, plus courier fees, and is processed through the Alberta Government website. Once this assessment is complete, please click "Apply Now" and submit your IQAS in place of your international transcripts. Note: A copy of your degree and Course Requirement Checklist is still required.


In order to apply as an international student, please do the following:


1) Obtain your " Educational - Tier 2" - International Qualification Assessment (IQAS) through the Alberta Government.

2) Submit your application as normal under "Professional Kinesiologist" and include the relevant documents (outlined above) AND your IQAS. If you have not received your IQAS, your application cannot be accepted.

3) E-transfer the International Application fee of $50 (CAD) to:

  •  In your e-transfer, please add note: International Student Application Fee. 
  • Once your e-transfer has been sent, a confirmation email will be sent within 2-3 business days.

BCAK Membership Transfer


In order to transfer your membership between AB and BC, please submit a request with your registered Kinesiology association to "Send the 'AKA/BCAK' verification of my current membership status".  Contacts are as follows:

In your email please outline your desired date of transfer. You must hold an active membership with your respective PKA to be entitled to this benefit.


Next, for BCAK transfer, you will then be required to Apply to the Alberta Kinesiology Association as a "Professional Kinesiologist." After you submit your contact details and documents do not proceed to pay. If this fee is paid, it is nonrefundable. You will not receive a receipt for submission, but we will get in touch with you once we receive confirmation of membership from the BCAK (step 1). In your application submission please attach the following documents:

  • Official or Unofficial transcripts of all applicable institutions that are to be sent via:
    • Email: 
    • Mail: P.O. Box 4358, Edmonton, AB, T6E 4T3
  • Scanned copy of your official degree - program completion letter can be accepted if prior to convocation date.
  • BCAK Membership Card - In place of the "Course Requirement Checklist"

Interprovincial Practice (BC & AB)

As Kinesiology is unregulated in BC and AB, BCAK and AKA kinesiologists are able to treat clients virtually in both Alberta and BC, excluding ICBC MVA clients (see below). There is also the potential for cross border service for those kinesiologists who live in the border towns along Highways 1 and 3 between the two provinces.  All Kinesiologists are expected to register with the association in the province that they reside in. 


ICBC MVA Clients

There are some instances where registration with BCAK is required to treat ICBC motor vehicle clients and bill the corporation directly, but AKA members could still bill the client directly, with the client submitting bills for reimbursement to the corporation. This is only an issue currently while Telehealth treatment is permitted, but will resolve once ICBC reinstates its in-person treatment requirements after the pandemic has resolved. To clarify this instance, please email Daryl Reynolds at:

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Practicing Student Application

Practicing student membership is intended for any student who meets the requirements outlined below who plans to gain practical experience in the field of kinesiology. Currently active Student Members receive a 50% discount on Practicing Student Membership dues. To receive this discount please email:



Ability to perform the  scope of practice of a Professional AKA Kinesiologist under the direct supervision* of a Professional AKA Kinesiologist. A practicing student member agrees to adhere to the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice in relation to the Core Competency Profile. Practicing Student Members may only deliver services that they have taken appropriate training and education for. The practicing student member is expected to refer clients to their supervisor or another health care professional when they are confronted with issues that fall outside their knowledge base.

*DIRECT SUPERVISION means: Trisura does not expect that a CKA Affiliated Kin be present beside the student while the care is given. Supervised means that care plan. Programs and acts to be executed has been reviewed and approved by a CKA (AKA) Affiliated Kin and that the student brings feedback and reports back of the care to this CKA (AKA) Affiliated Kin.



1) Verify you meet the Definition of a Practicing Student: CKA E&O Liability policy (see below)

2) Obtain 2 letters of reference (Minimum of 1 academic/professional)

3) Submit your unofficial transcript as proof that you meet the AKA - Core Academic Course Requirements with a minimum grade of a C- (55%). Core courses include: Biomechanics, Human Anatomy, Human Physiology, and Psychomotor Behaviour.

4) Purchase insurance once you receive email confirmation from the AKA indicating that you meet the definition for a practicing student membership. In order to do so, please contact Zanib at Prolink. They will provide you with a link to allow you to purchase insurance. Their email is:


Definition of a Practicing Student: CKA E&O Liability policy 

"Student means an individual student member of a provincial kinesiology association who has completed a minimum of 2 years of study in an accredited kinesiology program at a Canadian post-secondary educational institution that is recognized by the provincial regulatory college, by CKA/ACK or by the provincial kinesiology association.” All patient work performed by any Practicing Student Kinesiologist must be under the direct supervision of a Professional AKA Kinesiologist.


Additional Protection for Students:

Since Jan. 2020, The Trisura E&O Liability policy offered to enable student members to purchase their own E&O Liability policy in their own name regardless of them working under the direct supervision of the Insured CKA Kinesiology member. The E&O Liability policy is the same program for students as it is for Kinesiologists (click here to download). Additional information on insurance can be found here.


Please note that Practicing Student Memberships are non-transferable and a $50.00 Application Processing Fee is non-refundable.


For questions, please contact us at:


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Student Member

Student Membership is available to individuals in full-time attendance at an Alberta Kinesiology Association recognized post-secondary institution. Recognized institution list is currently under construction, please email us for clarification:


Required documents for submission:

  • Unofficial transcript (PDF)  as proof of current enrollment in a Kinesiology or related degree stream.


Cost: $75


Perks of student memberships include:

  • Access to exclusive AKA member discounts and resources,
  • Networking and volunteer opportunities with the AKA,
  • Receive quarterly membership updates to stay informed on the industry, and
  • Exclusive access to student discounts on event registration.


Note: This membership on it's own does not provide any scope of practice, as it is not sufficient for anyone currently practicing as a Kinesiologist. If you are practicing as a Kinesiologist, you must apply and register either as an Active AKA Membership, or provide proof of satisfying the definition for a Practicing Student Membership. Please see above for details.



Affiliate Member

Affiliate Membership is available to professionals from non-kinesiology related fields with an interest in joining the Alberta Kinesiology Association, or networking among Kinesiology professionals. We encourage Professors, Researchers, employers, or individuals passionate about Kinesiology to acquire this membership to stay informed on the profession and collaboration opportunities. There are no requirements needed to attain or hold an Affiliate membership.

Cost: $125


Benefits of a Non-Practicing Membership can be found here. 


For more details or to find out if an Affiliate Membership is right for you, please email: