COVID-19 Insurance Information - for your virtual practice


CSEP/ACSM - Clinical Exercise Physiologist (CEP) & Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) Insurance

The Professional Liability Policy is exclusively available to AKA members and extends to cover the CEP/CPT scope of practice; however, insurance for a CEP/CPT does not cover the full scope of practice for a Kinesiologist, and will not be sufficient to register with the AKA. All AKA members providing professional services related under their CEP/CPT certification will be covered under the AKA Professional Liability policy.  To reiterate, you do not need to purchase a separate Professional Liability Policy to cover your CEP certification under the Professional Liability Policy available to AKA Members under PROLINK Insurance Inc.


Existing Members - who currently have coverage with Prolink, please click the link below "Buy Insurance".


New members - Once you purchase your Professional Kinesiologist Membership you are asked to kindly follow the directions below:

  1. Open this page in a new tab to visit after registration
  2. Submit a request to "Contact a Representative" or visit the webpage: (10 minutes to complete)
  3. After verifying some basic information, a personalized link will be sent to your email address that will allow you to purchase your Professional Insurance. Please remember to check your junk mail for the link—the sender’s email address will appear as
  4. After you pay with your credit card, you will receive all of your insurance documents and receipts automatically. Please retain these documents for your records.
  • NOTE: Please note your policy will expire on January 1 each year, regardless of your original purchase date.


For Insurance Assistance regarding the CKA Professional Insurance Program, please contact the CKA Account Manager:


Request submission at:, or

Phone: 1 800 663 6828.


Insurance is required only for Professional Kinesiologist and Practicing Student Memberships.  Insurance is not required for non-practicing Student, Affiliate, or Inactive Memberships. Click here for more details on our national insurance program.

If your application is not flagged for review you will receive an email containing your new documentation (Receipt, Policy Documents and Certificate of Insurance). 


Disclaimer: This page does not provide details on policy coverage. Only a licensed insurance broker is allowed to discuss policy coverage, terms and exclusions and the AKA is not able to respond to these type of inquiries. Members should consult a licensed insurance broker for additional guidance and information. CKA/AKA Member Group Plan Insurance purchasers must contact Prolink (the broker) directly for information on or explanations of coverage(s), exclusions, limitations and endorsements related to the group plan policy.

Leona Peterson -,

Telephone: 1- 800-663-6828