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Kinesiologists play a vital role in the field of health and wellness, employing their interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary expertise to enhance human movement and physical performance. To facilitate connections between Kinesiologists and employers in Alberta, our website proudly showcases a diverse range of job postings in this dynamic field.

While we strive to provide a platform for Kinesiologists and employers to connect, it's important to note that we do not take responsibility for the selection process of job opportunities. Our aim is to serve as a valuable resource, presenting a comprehensive list of job openings to assist Kinesiologists in finding exciting career prospects in Alberta. We encourage Kinesiologists to explore the job opportunities available on our website, ensuring that they align with the professional standards set forth by the Alberta Kinesiology Association (AKA).

By connecting job seekers with employers who prioritize the professional practice standards, code of ethics, and require professional liability insurance, we strive to facilitate meaningful and rewarding employment opportunities for Kinesiologists in Alberta.