About us


Our vision is to have a positive impact on the lives of Albertans and to be a strong voice in promoting the profession and recognition of Kinesiologists in Alberta. The AKA represents Kinesiologists at a provincial level in their efforts to grow the profession of kinesiology by promoting health and wellness research and practices.


The AKA’s mission is to promote and advance awareness and understanding of the profession of Kinesiology, along with the interests of all members and Kinesiologists in the Province of Alberta, by:

  • Establishing the AKA as the representative body for association members and the profession of Kinesiology to the public, governments, other health care professionals, the health care industry and other stakeholders.
  • Adopting and promoting a societal-based code of ethics and professional practice standards for members and other Kinesiologists.
  • Interacting and cooperating with governments and with other associations, corporations and persons with the common goal of improving health and well-being of Albertans.
  • The provision of programs, services and benefits for members.


The AKA strives to:

  • Promote diversity within the profession of kinesiology
  • Utilize evidence-based research and clinical reasoning within our therapeutic practices
  • Encourage ethical and professional behavior
  • Accountable to our members and the public Operate in a cost effective and efficient manner