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Optimizing the Kinetic Chain

Optimizing the Kinetic Chain

Learn how you can help your clients "optimize" their kinetic chain.

This course is more than "proper posture". In this 8-hour self-paced online module, you will find out how an
optimized kinetic chain is the key to improved function and reduced pain in your clients. Find out all about assess and prescribe ideal exercises for common malalignments. Discover how "breathing" places a big role in stabilizing the thoracic cannister and how to incorporate pelvic floor and transverse abdominals in stabilization.  This course will also highlight functional movement patterns with slings and hip hinging and compound
exercises.  Learn how to help your clients all along the continuum (from sedentary or frail to athletes) be their best selves!

Register: https://activeinitiatives.thinkific.com/courses/optimizing-the-kinetic-chain

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