Kinesiology & Sport Studies Instructor - Sessional

Are passionate about teaching, learning, and student success. Pursue professional learning to continually enhance their practice and their discipline. Are recognized for their contributions to both local and global communities.

Role Description
As Red Deer Polytechnic’s future takes shape, growing our breadth of credentials (to include our own degrees) and programs, our institution has high expectations of our amazing faculty. But we do recognize that new hires may not have all the skills and experiences when applying. We want you to know that there is some flexibility to develop your talents over time. The initial focus for new faculty will be on teaching and student success with lots of opportunity for professional development, growth and collaboration. Red Deer Polytechnic (RDP) is committed to all faculty acquiring the identified Key Attributes over time. 

Responsibilities of this position include (but are not limited to):

  • Teaching students using a variety of instructional modalities and in different settings (classroom, lab, in-person, online), incorporating a Learning Management System and other forms of technology.
  • Creating a stimulating, effective, and learner-centered environment.
  • Preparing, reviewing and/or updating course material.
  • Marking, grading, and evaluation of student work.
  • Providing ongoing feedback, guidance, and assistance to students.
  • Actively contributing and participating in program planning, curriculum development & review, project work, and scholarly activity.
  • Participating in School and College-wide initiatives and/or committees.
  • Upholding the Professional Responsibilities of Faculty at RDP which are described within the Faculty Performance Policy.
  • Demonstrating and promoting RDP organizational values and following RDP’s policies and practices.

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