Laura Newstead

Laura Newstead

Administrative Coordinator

Laura has worked in an array of different areas of kinesiology within her young career. From working in Northern Alberta oil field camps as a Supervisor of Recreation and Fitness, building, creating, implementing, and assessing programming for oil field workers. From there she moved on to working with the Canadian Military as a Physical Exercise Specialist working with ill and injured Forces members on Return to Work specialty fitness programs and programming.

Laura has a Physical Education Degree from the University of Alberta. Laura is also a practicing as a AFLCA fitness leader in spin/bootcamp/mind body and is Pre/Post Natal certified.

Laura initially joined the AKA Board in the early stages of the association for two years as Secretary and has since rejoined at the 2022 AKA AGM as Membership Director. Laura hopes to build solid relationships with members and fellow board members. As well, as to increase memberships and knowledge to the public about our association.

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