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Do you have any ideas for case competition challenges for UofA Practicum?

To provide more context, please read the most recent case competition background: In the fall semester of 2021, Indigenous Sport Council Alberta(ISCA) and the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation (KSR) partnered on a project funded by CEWIL iHUB initiative and the Government of Canada to support innovations in Work-Integrated Learning for post-secondary students.

The project was a case competition where students from KSR analyzed data collected from the ISCA from Indigenous communities who participated in their virtual fitness challenge and pitched proposals on programs and/or initiatives that would address the needs identified from the data. The challenge statement for the case competition was

“This year we have partnered with the Indigenous Sport Council of Alberta (ISCA), the
provincial sporting body for Indigenous peoples of Alberta, and have the opportunity to
use data they have collected from Indigenous communities related to health and
wellness through sport, physical activity and recreation".

Your challenge is to develop a strategy and actionable plan within the field of kinesiology that can remove barriers and provide more inclusive and better access to services and/or initiatives that improve health and holistic wellness among Indigenous individuals, families, and communities.” (Full challenge statement with considerations attached)There were 22 student teams (110 total) that participated in the case competition and pitched a proposal to meet the challenge statement. Our faculty has been successful in obtaining additional funding and have selected 4 of the 22 pitches made to pilot within an Indigenous community for the winter 2022 semester. There will be up to 12 Indigenous communities that will receive a pilot program.

For more information please contact: Gabriel Byström

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