New Website

The AKA are excited to announce the new website.

Attention (N/A for Student and Affiliate Members)
With our new website, the platform will require you to provide us with your phone number and make a number of declarations in order to save and update your profile. Details on declarations and phone numbers include:

  1. Phone numbers are required in case a member is unresponsive via email and are near expiry or we require documents to uphold their professional membership. This data is securely kept and will not be used for any promotions or soliciting. We require this information as we have faced difficulty notifying members of upcoming expiry dates due to incorrect emails or spam filters.
  2. Official Transcripts - Validated members (check "My Memberships" to verify) are not required to provide official transcripts as they were reviewed in our old system. If this case applies to you, this declaration can be selected as it is not applicable in this circumstance. 
  3. Criminal Record Checks - In order to uphold membership as a Professional Kinesiologist with the Alberta Kinesiology Association you are required to complete an annual criminal record check through Sterling Backcheck.

    I agree that should the AKA permit me to become a member notwithstanding that the results of my request for a criminal record check aren’t yet available, that my membership is provisional upon receipt of a satisfactory report. If the results of my criminal record check show any outstanding charge(s) or conviction(s), I hereby resign my membership in the AKA, and if requested by the AKA will immediately inform my employer of my resignation and of ceasing to be a member of the AKA, and the reason why.
  4. Practicing Docuements & Insurance - All practicing members (Professional Kinesiologists and Practicing Student members) must read, understand and agree to follow the professional practice documents. Professional liability insurance is mandatory for all practicing members, however Professional Kinesiologist members can purchase insurance from an alternative provider as long as they hold appropriate coverage for practice. At the time of renewals you will have the option to purchase a renewal for:
    1. Professional Kinesiologist - Prolink: Our system will allow insurance purchases in a streamlined process integrated with our renewal processes.
    2. Professional Kinesiologist - Alternative Insurance: This membership requires you to manually upload your proof of insurance from an alternative provider and also requires you to declare that your coverage meets your needs for professional practice. 
  5. Declaration - All of the information must be true to the best of your knowledge.

If you have any questions on these declarations please contact us:


New platform benefits include:

  • Seamless renewals and applicaiton processes
    • API integration with on insurance broker, Prolink, to allow seamless insurance purchases with Trisura
  • Membership directory - information displayed includes:
    • Name, city, member number
    • Inquiries for AKA Member contact are to be sent to the AKA, where we will provide the individual's contact request to you - we do this to filter any spamming to our members.
    • To opt out of the directory - Sign into website --> click your name (top right) --> My preferences
  • No more manual submission of documents through email! Everything can be found under your "Member Area". To access this, sign in, and click on your name in the top right of the browser.
    • Change your password, manage documents, memberships, and events all in one place!
  • Attractive spaces and ease of communications so it will be easy for you to stay up-to-date on latest events and announcements
  • There is also opportunity for a blog and collaborative spaces - please send us an email if you're interested in getting involved to make this a reality!


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AKA would like to thank you.

New Website

The AKA are excited to announce the new website.