COVID-19 Update - September 19, 2021

As new restrictions are to be implemented starting September 20, 2021, it’s important to know how we must all do our part. Please read the COVID-19 update to stay informed.

Dear Members,

Please read below to stay informed on how the recent COVID-19 update may impact your work as a Kinesiologist. As new restrictions are to be implemented starting September 20, 2021, it's important to know how we must all do our part. That being said, we strongly encourage all of our members to receive their vaccinations as soon as possible. 


Business Responsibilities

It is the business's responsibility to adhere to the government restrictions set and provide services with all appropriate public safety measures in place for their staff and the public if they wish to "operate as usual" under the "Restrictions Exemption Program". As stated on the AB Gov't website:

Starting September 20, discretionary businesses and events must follow one of these 2 options:

  1. Implement the Restrictions Exemption Program requiring proof of vaccination or negative test result to continue operating as usual, or

  2. Follow business capacity and operating restrictions as outlined on the page below.

Please ensure that you familiarize yourself with the additional restrictions that apply to your business on the AB Gov't website and refer to tabs "Business Requirements", "Proof of Negative Test", "Proof of vaccination", and "Sport, fitness, recreation and performance activities". We ask that all of our members and business owners follow public health measures closely to ensure the safety of us all. We must all do our part. 

To report non-compliance to COVID-19 Restrictions please click here.

Note: A private practice or business can choose to refuse service to unvaccinated clients as long as an equitable referral for service can be made - ie. alternative services are available. If you are an employee, it is your employers' responsibility to decide how to handle such matters.


Kinesiologists' Responsibilities

We are asking that all Professional Kinesiologists read and understand the public health measures outlined above. It is important that we are all aware of how we can ensure the safety of ourselves and our clients. We strongly encourage all members to have discussions with their employers if they feel that restrictions are not being followed appropriately so that adjustments can be made. As a last resort, as stated by the Alberta Federation of Labour, employees have grounds to issue a work refusal if appropriate safety measures are not followed - please click here for more information.

We still recommend that all Kinesiologists continue to provide all "non-emergent" services through means of an online delivery strategy where possible; however, when providing in-person services, we encourage all of our members to follow the guidelines developed by our Privacy Officer: Guidance for Resuming Kinesiology (click to download). Further, when managing clients we strongly encourage all Kinesiologists to utilize our COVID-19 Screening Tool to increase safety among you and your staff. We believe that these documents are comprehensive and will provide our members with all the necessary information needed to safely return to work. Note: These forms do not screen for vaccination status or negative COVID-19 test.

We are all in this together and must work together to ensure a safe and healthy future in Alberta. If there is anything further that we can do to support you, or if you have any questions, please contact us at: 


If you seek more information, we would recommend Expand's, by respi plus, podcast series. It gives more insight into how a person can overcome vaccine hesitancy. To listen, follow this link: Expand Podcast Series.


Yours in health,

Board of Directors

Alberta Kinesiology Association

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