Here is the nomination form for the positions that are open for election this year.

  1. Any member in good standing, who is at least 18 years of age, a resident of Alberta, and has consented to the nomination and will commit to supporting the mission, vision, values and strategic directions of the Association may put their name forward. Certain positions have eligibility requirements.
  2. The submission of nominations must be completed by no later than 30 DAYS in advance of the annual meeting of members scheduled to be held online on April 23, 2022.
  3. Members must only submit their names for one position and must complete the attached form.
  4. Two AKA members in good standing must support each nomination. Their contact information must be provided on the application form.

The positions for election are:

  • Treasurer
  • VP
  • Membership
  • Education (North)
  • Regulation Co-Director
  • Strategy Director

Click here for the nominations form: AKA Nomination Form

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