Code of Ethics

Members of the Alberta Kinesiology Association shall act with integrity and in an ethically responsible manner, honour the rights of all individuals, demonstrate professionalism, and act in the best interests of their clients, society and the Alberta Kinesiology Association in rendering professional services.

The Code of Ethics is designed to provide guidance but does not offer definitive resolutions to all ethical questions and situations that might arise during the carrying out of professional duties. The guidelines have been formulated on the premise that society and the practice of applying Kinesiological principles are complex and undergo continual change and development. Therefore, it is understood that situations posing ethical dilemmas and questions not covered in these guidelines will invariably arise. The Alberta Kinesiology Association retains the right and responsibility to interpret its Code of Ethics and to discipline any member who is found to have violated their provisions or whose conduct is unbecoming to the profession.

Responsibilities Towards the Client

Active members of the Alberta Kinesiology Association:

  • will practice within the field of kinesiology to the best of their ability for all clients regardless of race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, ethnic origin, language, political affiliation, societal or health status;
  • will ensure the health and safety of clients is maintained at all times;
  • will not take physical, psychological, sexual or financial advantage of a client;
  • will only provide services within their professional limitations and specific competencies;
  • will respect the client’s rights, dignity, needs, wishes and values;
  • will protect the confidentiality of all professionally acquired information, and disclose such information only when properly authorized or when legally obligated to do so;
  • will respect the client’s or surrogate’s right to be informed about the effects if the services provided, and give opportunity to consent or decline a service;
  • will continue their professional development to maintain a high level of competence;
  • will practice in a careful and diligent manner, and encourage a client to seek other professional assistance when such action is in the best interest of the client;
  • will apply only scientifically accepted principles and professional practices when providing kinesiology services;
  • will declare to a client any conflict of interest which may adversely affect their professional relationship with a client and/or employers; and,
  • will conduct themselves with fairness, respect, and good faith towards their clients, colleagues, and the profession.

Responsibilities Towards the Profession

Active members of the Alberta Kinesiology Association:

  • will abide by the bylaws of the AKA and support its vision, goals and objectives;
  • will give credit where it is due, and accept, as well as give, objective and fair professional criticism;
  • will act in a way that is beyond reproach and will report to the appropriate authorities any member of the AKA who appears to be incompetent or whose professional conduct appears to be unethical, illegal, or, in general, unbecoming to the profession; and,
  • will strive to promote and advance the science of kinesiology

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