Basic Requirements

All active members of the Alberta Kinesiology Association will have received a Bachelor's degree or higher in Kinesiology, Exercise Science, or Human Kinetics from an accredited University. While most of our members are graduates of the University of AlbertaUniversity of Calgary or University of Lethbridge, the AKA has a strong member base of graduates from other Canadian and International universities.

Course work is required or accepted in the following areas some courses go by different names at different universities some topics are covered within multiple courses.

Core courses:


Human Anatomy Psychomotor Behaviour (motor or movement learning)
Human Physiology Biomechanics



16 Elective courses are required (a minimum of 11 areas of study must be represented by the 16 courses, and a maximum of 2 courses can be claimed for any study area):

 Adapted Physical Activity


Exercise Physiology

Human Anatomy



Research Project (Kinesiology)


Computer Science

Fitness Evaluation

Human Growth and Development


Psychology of Movement

Sociology of Movement




Human Pathology


Psychomotor Behaviour

Sports Medicine


Exercise Management

Health Science

Human Physiology


Research Design



First-aid & CPR

All practitioners are required to have a minimum of BLS or HCP-level CPR.

Many Kinesiologists have advanced first-aid certifications as part of their clinical duties.

Continuing Professional Education

Active members of the AKA must complete training or education in coursework relevant to their discipline on an on-going basis in order to maintain good standing with the association.

A minimum of 30 credits is required per 2-year cycle must be completed, ensuring all practitioners can provide the most up-to-date techniques and evidence-based practice.

CPE Credits may be obtained in any combination as follows:

  1. Alberta Kinesiology Association Participation (max 15/yr)
    1. President (Elect, Active and Past) | 10 credits per yr.
    2. Other Officer, VP’s | 7 credit per yr.
    3. Committee Member | 5 credits per yr.
    4. AGM/General Meeting attendance | 5 – 10 credits per meeting (depending on whether there is a guest presentation at the meeting)

  2. Conferences (max 30/yr)
    1. CSEP provincial or national conference | max 30 credits per conference
    2. (1 credit per 1 hour of conference attendance *excluding lunch and breaks*)

  3. Courses/Workshops/Rounds/Seminars/Inservices (max 30/ yr)
    1. AKA sponsored courses | 1 hr of training=1 credit
    2. AKA Professional Development events | 1 hr of training=1 credit
    3. Recognized Courses/Workshops | 1 hr of training=1 credit (see PDP Approved Courses)
    4. University and College courses | 1 hr of training=1 credit (including distance learning)
    5. Clinical/Hospital Grand Rounds | 1 hr of training=1 credit
    6. Inservices and Seminars | 1 hr of training=1 credit
    7. Recognized Vocationally related Courses | 1 hr of training=1/2 credit (professional development courses not related to Kinesiology eg. first aid, computer courses, WHMIS, fire and safety courses, management courses)
    8. Note: for items [d] through [f], topics must relate to best practices in prevention, assessment and intervention in sport, recreation, work, exercise and activities of daily living.

  4. Presenting/Teaching (max 10/yr)
    1. Presenting research to profession | 1 hr of presenting = 1 credit
    2. Teaching course/workshop/inservice | 1 hr of teaching = 1 credit
    3. Note: for repetitive classes, credits are only granted once in the certification time frame

  5. Services to profession (max 10/yr)
    1. Training Kinesiology students | 1 hr of supervision = 1/2 credit
    2. Publications in AKA Newsletter | 1 article = 2 credits
    3. Kin related volunteer work in the community | 1 hr of participation = 1/2 credit

  6. Research (max 10/yr)
    1. Publication in professional journal, books or accepted abstracts | 5 credits/publication
    2. Defending thesis | 5 credits/thesis
    3. Note: for repetitive publications, credits are only granted once in the certification time frame

  7. Miscellaneous (max 10/yr)
    1. Membership in related association | 1 credit/association/yr


NOTE:  As of January 1, 2011 AKA DOES NOT award credit for renewal of CPR as it is a requirement of your renewal for insurance purposes.

Upcoming Events

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