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History of AKA

Prior to1993
  • FACA program evolving but stillin developmental stage
  • Critical mass of Certified Fitness Appraisers still relatively low (less than 180 members)
  • CFAs expressing concern to Alberta FACA regarding professional identity within FACA, provincially as well as at the national level
  • Perspectives in Exercise Testing and Prescription 1994 conference witnessed again growing concerns expressed from CFAs regarding further development of a professional identity
  • Alberta FACA Advisory Board forms a Professionalism sub-committee (Rob Crooks, Don Watts, Greg Hart, and Brent Haydey). Committee consists of CFAs and Advisory Board members. The mandate of this committee was to research professional associations and to seek out information as to what was needed to become more professional
  • Presentation done at the 1995 Perspectives conference on professionalism and some very basic steps that might be done. Discussion centers more on semantics (i.e. the name Kinesiology) but no real consensus from the group as to what direction to head. CFAs in general were frustrated and unhappy
  • In the spring of 1995, the Alberta FACA Board decides to take on the project more seriously
  • Focus groups held in Edmonton and Calgary in March to rehash some old issues but set the tone for how the topic of professionalism was going to be tackled
  • FACA Professionalism committee continues (Barb McKenna and Rene Huellstrung)
  • In the summer of 1995, collaborative work between the FACA Advisory Board and the AFLCA occurs. A partnership agreement is reached for human and financial resources to support formation of the professional association
  • A professionalism task group is formed with members FACA and AFLCA (Barb McKenna, Rene Huellstrung, Don Watts and Joan Carlson)
  • Task group plans initial structure of the proposed association
  • Support is acquired from the Dean of Physical Education and Sport Studies – University of Alberta
  • Legal aide is obtained to assist with the direction to head in
  • Meeting is held with Alberta Labour to discuss direction. Should this group strive to fit under POARA or the Health Disciplines Act. The better fit is determined to be with the Health Disciplines Act
  • Proposed names for the association discussed at FACA Advisory Board meeting. The two proposed names for the association circulated to all current CFAs and AFLCA Trainers
  • The Alberta Exercise Professional Association is selected as the name of the proposed organization
  • Major presentation at the 1996 Perspectives conference to discuss all the details of the proposed association. Those in attendance told that the time is NOW to make this project a reality
  • The AEPA is formed with 64 charter members
  • Initial Board of Directors is elected (Barb McKenna – President; Rene Huellstrung – President-elect; Ken Clarke – Secretary, Lori Zehr – Treasurer)
  • Significant amount of development occurs to get the association started
  • Literature Review and Incorporation committees initiated with majority of work for incorporation being completed
  • AEPA is incorporated in May of 1997
  • Inaugural AGM is held in Calgary
  • Membership dips slightly (51 members, five of which are new members)
  • Work begins on Membership and Marketing committees
  • Ex-officio position added to the Board (University/college rep – Dr. Gord Bell) to increase working relationship with Universities and colleges
  • Membership committee completes a study guide and written exam with the assistance of professors at the Universities of Alberta and Calgary
  • Marketing committee updated promotional material and puts together a display board
  • AEPA president (Lori Zehr) initiates a working relationship with both BCAK and OKA
  • Work on website begins
  • Initial investigation for liability insurance
  • Letter addressed to Minister of Health regarding the upcoming Health Summit
  • Implementation of written exam for candidates
  • Initial correspondence with Isernhagen Work Systems
  • Alberta attends the 2nd annual CKA meeting in Ottawa
  • Discussions begin with the AEPA members surrounding a name change
  • The new AEPA website is launched
  • Alberta attends the 3rd annual CKA meeting in Halifax
  • AEPA members unanimously vote to become an official provincial member of the CKA
  • Liability insurance becomes available to members
  • Name change from Alberta Exercise Professional Association (AEPA) to Alberta Kinesiology Association (AKA)
  • Membership criteria modified to become consistent with Canadian Kinesiology Associations
  • Marketing initiatives; New brochure and New Web page initiated
  • Liability Insurance Company changed to Discovery Insurance
  • Continuing Education Credit / Quality Assurance framework established through work with the CKA
  • Marketing: New newsletter format and media transition to reflect new image of the AKA
  • Corporate visual identity redeveloped
  • New website developed and implemented
  • Social media adopted to broaden membership reach
  • New marketing materials are developed the website undergoes tablet-friendly revisions
  • Emphasis on public awareness of the association and the discipline of Kinesiology
  • Use of cloud technology and online productivity is expanded to link the regional centres


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