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Nov. 14-17 - 3rd Annual McGill Method Conference - Click Here
  • Nov. 14 & 15 - Level 1 - Foundation: For the pain-free back
  • Nov. 16 - Level 2 - Assessment: Converging on a precise diagnosis
  • Nov. 17 - Level 3 - High Performance Training: Reducing pain and enhancing performance


** All levels are HALF FULL! 

  • Nov. 23 & 24 - Motivational Interviewing Certification Course - Level 1

  • SAVE THE DATES - 2020:  March 28 & 29 and April 4 & 5 - Functional Assessment of the Spine and Extremities (F.A.S.E.) Course - stay tuned for more details...

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  • FREE Online Learning Courses - - Enhance you  knowledge of chronic lung disease and enable  fitness professionals to work with individuals with C.O.P.D. in the community (at home or in a gym environment). 
  • Oct.  17-20, 2019 - 13th Annual Pain Society of Alberta Conference, Lake Louise -


PROMOTIONAL ITEMS OF INTEREST FROM C.K.A. --for a limited time only:

Human Kinetics - Books: 

  • Team Building Through Physical Challenges - Click Here Use code B106 to receive 40% off the regular price.  
  • Timing Resistance TrainingClick Here
  • Dumbbell Training:  Click Here
  • The Modern Art & Science of Mobility:  Click Here



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