Student Representative


Serve as a liaison between the undergraduate and/or graduate students of your post-secondary institution and the Professional Association. Your objective would be to recognize areas the association could support students to better prepare them for their prospective careers in Kinesiology. 



  • Monthly time input would be 2 hours minimum and can vary largely depending on involvement in initiatives
  • Attend monthly Board meetings (typically held at 6pm MST on the 3rd Sunday of every month) which last 1-1.5hrs total
  • Provide updates to the AKA around students initiatives
  • Collaborate with the AKA on how to better support students and help them overcome challenges



  • Student currently enrolled in a undergraduate/graduate program related to Kinesiology
  • Strong communicator with a good understanding of the collective student experience - ability to understand and predict challenges that students are facing
  • Passionate about the field of Kinesiology
  • In-depth knowledge about the field of Kinesiology is a benefit


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