Treasurer - Executive on the AKA Board of Directors


  • Ensuring that the accounting and finances of the AKA are kept up to date
  • Preparing an annual budget based on the boards strategic priorities
  • Collaborating with the other AKA Board of Directors to provide governance, vision and implementation of policy for the AKA.
  • Active participation in monthly board meetings and AGM.




The Treasurer position is a two-year volunteer commitment. The treasurer will need to dedicate a significant amount of time to keeping the finances up to date as well as attending monthly meetings and the AKA’s AGM.

  • Applicants must be active members of the AKA
  • Decision making
  • Strong Attention to detail
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Budgeting
  • Time Management
  • Computer skills



Elected by the membership the Treasurer is primarily responsible for ensuring that the accounting and finances of the AKA are kept up to date and correctly, ensuring the verification/auditing of the AKA’s books is done annually, and preparing an annual budget based on the board’s strategic priorities.  The treasurer has signing authority for and responsibility for the funds and securities of the AKA.

The  Treasurer is additionally involved with policy development specific to the financial portfolio and generally to the organization at large.

The Treasurer will assist in training a successor.



  • The Treasurer is a 2-year volunteer commitment. The term should last from the day after the Annual General Meeting of the AKA, to the day of the second AGM of the term.
  • The Treasurer will need to dedicate a significant amount of time to keeping the finances up to date, following the treasurer’s process put together in 2021 (separate document)
  • The Treasurer is expected to attend every monthly Board of Directors meetings lasting on average 1-1.5 hours.



Attend all Board of Directors meetings

  • Attend and participate in monthly board meetings and the AGM.

Division committee management

  • Provide guidance and attend selected meetings for the following committees:
  • Finance.
  • Complaints and Discipline.

Manage the financial assets of the corporation

  • Be aware of the status and amounts of the assets of the corporation and control spending of monies, as budgeted or non-budgeted items, in accordance with available cash;
  • Have signing authority for cheques;
  • Approve all monies paid to members of the Board of Directors (e.g. reimbursement of expenses); and,
  • Approve all financial contracts (e.g. agreements with speakers, hotel facilities, contractors), along with the other board members.

Manage documents related to income and expenditures

  • Cause full and accurate accounts of all receipts and disbursements of the corporation in proper books of accounting.

Manage the financial assets of the corporation

  • Manage the financial assets of the corporation in accordance with AKA’s bylaws.

Prepare un-audited income and expenditure statements

  • Based on the last full month, prepare and present an income and expenditures statement for each Board of Directors meeting and executive committee meeting (as required); and,
  • Prepare and present an un-audited income and expenditure statement prior to the AGM.

Prepare an annual budget for the upcoming fiscal year

  • Prepare an annual budget for the corporation prior to the AGM including all sources of income and expenditures; and,
  • Present the budget to the Board of Directors for approval, and subsequently to the membership for approval at the AGM.

Cause a financial audit of the corporation’s financial records to be conducted annually

  • Recommend an auditor, who shall be approved by the membership, to conduct an annual financial audit of the corporation.

Organize volunteers

  • Carry out appropriate follow-up for new volunteers as they are being placed.



  • Decision Making: this position requires the ability to interpret and evaluate information provided and seek clarification where needed in order to ensure financial processes and audit criteria are met. Skills related to gathering information and a strong attention to detail are also important.
  • Interpersonal Skills: The ability to communicate in a variety of settings such as ; by telephone, by computer, in person and, in front of groups is required. The Treasurer works with the rest of the Board of Directors to provide governance, vision and implementation of policy for the AKA. The Treasurer may recruit and chair committees. The Treasurer will also effectively mentor a successor for a period of one month after the completion of his or her term.
  • Working Conditions: The AKA does not currently provide an office or any physical work space. The Treasurer should consider the environment he or she will be in when participating in phone or computer meetings.
  • Financial: Good knowledge of budgeting and time management to pay bills on time.
  • Clearances: N/A



  • Education/Training:
  • Must meet the educational requirements for membership in the AKA. 
  • Licenses/Certificates/Designations:
  • P Kin 
  • Experience/Knowledge/Skills: N/A 
  • Computer Skills:
  • Basic to intermediate Email skills with the ability to send, receive and organize emails.
  • Basic internet skills with the ability to conduct searches and evaluate sources.
  • Intermediate aptitude with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel
  • Basic to intermediate aptitude with the Google suite of applications (Google docs, Sheets etc.)
  • Basic database skills particularly the ability to run reports.



  • Direct reporting relationships:
  • Reports to the Board Executive including the President of the AKA 
  • Indirect reporting relationships:
  • None
  • Positions reporting to this position:
  • Possibly specific committees 
  • In the incumbent’s absence, backup support will be provided by:
  • Fellow board members.
  • Administrative contractor
  • This position provides backup support to:
  • Fellow board members.


HOW TO APPLY: Email your resume and cover letter to:


We appreciate your interest in AKA, however only those who are selected for interviews will be contacted.

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